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Still looking for work.

Job hunting is pretty much comprised, nay FORGED, from equal amounts of both Suck and Fail. If it were a person, I would punch them in the face.

I need a job to get money saved so that I might one day have one of these "life" things everyone but me seems to have.
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Drabble : Objectivism

"Hey Eddie, how come mediums drink so much?"

"Defense mechanism. If you alter your consciousness enough you stop seeing dead people."

"Huh. I guess it gets pretty old, what with seeing the dear departed and whatnot?"

"Let me answer that with a story. About six months ago my cousin Alicia was harassed by the ghost of Ayn Rand for six months. She works at a local charity, and had to put up with the crazy bitch calling her a "servant of the parasitic masses" and other names every day. It finally got so bad she called one of her cogboy friends. He eventually made a containment cell and Alicia managed to trap her inside."

"Man. Ayn Rand is a bitch."

"Wait, it gets better. Before she used it, she had her cogboy friend create a memory matrix of every great socialist philosopher of the last century. So not only is she trapped, she's trapped with the likes of Karl Marx and Auguste Comte until she's let out."

"Your cousin has a nasty streak, man."

Idea: Alternate Reality Live Action Role Play

Okay, so fallenkalina  and I were talking on the Twitter, and we came up with an idea whose time we feel may have come.

Everyone knows about LARPs. They're mostly all based around western European history and tend to take a dim view of anything that "breaks immersion".

Well we got to thinking, what if we did away with that part?

If you want to be totally 100% historically accurate you can be, but if you want to wear your timberlands and a camo-print tabard that's fine too. Dress as a viking, or a Shaolin monk, or a pirate-ninja if you want. It's more important to come up with a fun and unique character than to drop $500 on historically accurate feasting garb.

The idea is, don't let something as petty as historical accuracy keep you from doing something awesome and unique. The only restriction would be, no dressing as characters you don't own the copyright for. If six people all dress as Squall or Cloud, then that's not really very fun, is it?

I haven't decided on if a straight no, "let's you and him fight 'till someone yields" style of combat, or a more regimented system with spell casting would work. I'll think more about it and post updates.
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-Cancelled my Gamefly account after less than a full month. $15.99 a month for slow shipping and low availability isn't worth it.

-Keep looking up photos of cars I'd like to have if I were rich. Top of the list is an E-type Jag or a new Mini.

-Love my kindle, just wish I could get the new Caiphas CAin book on it. Or indeed ANY of the 40K series I like.

-Still applying for jobs, hoping to get a call soonish about a part-time office gig. Fingers crossed.

-Still addicted to Top Gear.
Sir Black

Weekend Update!

Man, all my internet friends have been scarce lately. I blame the Illuminati*.

Anyway, things have been picking up here. Applied for a job at the local Check Advance place** a couple days ago. Haven't heard anything back, since the only woman I know there hasn't called me back and never seems to be available to talk to me. I'm not holding out much hope at this stage, but the important thing is they have my application on file, I guess. After I get some kind of confirmation from the Check place I'll start putting in applications at some other places like Walmart. They always need stock people and at this stage I'm getting a little desperate.

Started watching Lyrical Nanoha, and it's a blast. Basically: Elementary student finds magical ferret, makes friends through beamspamming them. One of the fan nicknames for the series is Ma-hou Shoujo Nanoha which roughly translates to Demonic Cannon Girl Nanoha***, so that should give you an idea of what to expect.

Still trying to figure out just what I want to do RE: moving to Chicago. Too many choices and consequences for one addled geek to process effectively, I guess. I know that Kevin and Tessa and everyone would love to have me up there, but aside from them it would be a 100% reboot on my life, and I don't know if I could handle that. Being an adult is hard, yo.

As of right now, the tentative plan I have is, in order of importance:
1.) Don't Die - I feel this one is pretty self explanatory, but doesn't show up enough on lists like this.
2.) Find employment
3.) Look into careers. I've given more thought to sleep studies and it looks like something I could be good at. Lots of computer work in a growing field, and it doesn't take terribly long to get certified.
4.) Figure out what to do RE: moving.

*I realize they're probably just busy, but ever since a 16-hour history channel binge I blame everything on the Illuminati.

It's snowing? Illuminati.
Skyrim isn't releasing until 11-11-11? Illuminati.
Banged my shin on the coffee table? Illuminati.
Can't find my iPod? That's actually probably my fault, but I'm sure the Illuminati hope I don't find it.

**On the one hand, I know some of these places are unscrupulous and probably not terribly nice employers, but on the other I need money.

***I never knew I wanted a show to actually be named that until I read it.
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Drabble #3

...And this one is almost twice the length of the last one! Suck it, writer's block!

For some reason I can only write in first person, apparently.

Man, If I had known she was a vampire, I wouldn't have eaten Italian before coming to pick her up. She's gonna be pissed when she reincorporates, isn't she?” --Will Black, second year Applied Magic major



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